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Malissa McAlister, M.S.

Kentucky River Basin Coordinator

Professional Employment

2002 - Current: Watershed Program Specialist, Kentucky Water Research Institute

2002 - 2023: Kentucky River Basin Coordinator, Kentucky Water Research Institute

1998 - 2002: Environmental Policy Analyst, The Council of State Governments

1996 - 1998: Environmental Scientist, Kentucky Division of Water


Research Interest and Expertise

Watershed management and planning, water quality monitoring and analysis, Community Engagement, Water Education, and Participatory Science/Citizen Science programs.

Malissa McAlister oversees and coordinates various watershed-related grant projects at the Kentucky Water Research Institute. These include:

  • Coordination of the Kentucky Watershed Watch volunteer water sampling organization

  • Assistance with Watershed Plan development

  • Development of Watershed Outreach and Education materials


Selected Publications

Kentucky River Watershed Watch Annual Data Summary Reports (2002 - 2023)

McAlister, Malissa; Akaspu, Madhu; Albritton, Ben; Ormsbee, Lindell; and Carey, Dan. 2010, Kentucky River Watershed Watch: A Summary of Volunteer Water Quality Sampling Efforts in the Kentucky River Basin from 1999 to 2009.

Ormsbee, Lindell and McAlister, Malissa. 2013,Evolution of a Watershed-Management Framework in the Kentucky River Basin. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management.

Malissa McAlister, M.S.


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